Bellyfit is now only offered at AAA in private lessons. Call us for details.

Bellyfit® is a fun and fresh, combination of moves inspired by Bellydance, African dance and Bollywood plus an intelligent infusion of yoga, Pilates and meditation.

This new standardized format for women of all ages is being taught by hundreds of certified instructors across Canada and is on the leading edge of mind/body/spirit group exercise. See how conscious awareness and holistic intention can take a dance/fitness fusion workout to a new level and deliver outstanding, timely results.

Who are you and what are your passions?

My name is Magdalena Regdos, I am a BELLYFIT INSTRUCTOR and lover of anything that is fueled by POSITIVE ENERGY.

What do you love about teaching Bellyfit?

I love when The LOVE expands in the room … literally, as the heart becomes more open, the chemistry in the room changes. I love being in the space of non-judgment and total acceptance … this state of being gives our body, mind and spirit a message to continue growing.

What is the most common feedback you receive from your participants about Bellyfit?

“WOW, that was soo fun!“ It is unlike any workout I have ever done before. “I want to do this everyday!“

How do you feel that Bellyfit supports your lifestyle?

It supports my need to sweat, to share, to be with women and it continues to remind me that life can be a dance, instead of a struggle!

What do you think are the qualities that make a great Bellyfit Instructor?

A great Bellyfit Instructor is a compassionate teacher, dedicated to inspiring her students to be their best on a daily basis.

A great Bellyfit Instructor speaks her truth, and brings an opportunity for others to do the same. She is committed to life long learning, and shares her wisdom with the world.

What is the #1 thing women need to do to stay healthy and fit? (other than Bellyfit)

Women NEED to LOVE themselves … from inside and out! I think if a woman says to herself “I love you” on a daily basis … she will be in love forever 🙂 This may be a great way to stay healthy … choosing words that create positive vibes in our bodies and minds.

Anything else you would like to add?

My absolute favorite thing in the whole world is having an opportunity to invite friends and family over to my house for a feast. Spend most of the day preparing the meal (ie. pierogies made from scratch), exchanging recipes, chatting, laughing and finally, experiencing that great sensation of having everyone sit down together, to enjoy the meal. There is something very nourishing about sharing food 🙂



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LIVE CHAT WITH John Barnes PT March 11, 2017

What is MFR? How safe and effective is this type of therapy?



Showing these videos will help our patients/clients, you the therapists and Myofascial Release in general.  Please watch the video above and ENJOY!


With the snow slowly melting away, I am directing my attention to the next season.  New activities can mean new areas of repetitive strain, and new needs to bring about balance in the body and mind.  This week’s focus is GOLF.

The difference between a professional PGA golfer and a social golfer is that a PGA golfer knows the importance of being in top shape. A social golfer has a lesser tendency to properly train golf specific muscles or stretch to warm-up muscles, all of which are very important in order to prevent golf injuries. And regular corrective massage sessions can help you find, your perfect golf swing.

Here are some of the most common areas of injuries for golf players:

  • low back
  • wrist
  • elbow
  • shoulder

BOOK YOUR Myofascial Release session today, and we can help you eliminate….

  • Golf related low back pain, golfer’s elbow, or shoulder pain. (breaking up muscle adhesions)
  • Increase your distance and consistency. (full range of motion means more available power and control)
  • Reduce the likelihood of a golf injury. (correct muscle imbalances and asymmetries)
  • Identify potential areas of concern. (looking for muscle tightness or weakness)



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