Academy Rules and Etiquette for Martial Arts classes

These rules promote discipline, respect, humility and a positive attitude. They must be followed by all students in order to assure a traditional atmosphere of learning martial arts inside a dojo(academy).

1. Students are invited to bow when entering and leaving the Dojo or mats. This is tradition from ancient times that is still practiced at many martial arts academies today.

2. Students are asked to train in bare feet. Unless a Doctor says special foot wear is needed. If a student has athletes foot or planters warts, immediate action must take place to cure the feet. Meanwhile the feet must be covered with athletic tape or socks. This is the responsibility of the parents and student.

3. Be punctual. If a student is late they must stay quietly at the entrance and wait for permission from the Instructor to participate.

4. Full uniform must be worn at every class. Uniforms/Gi must be kept clean. For safety long pants must be hemmed up! Hand rolling up long pants is not acceptable.

5. Head instructors are to be addressed as Master, Sensei, Professor, Coach, and/or Sir by their students and greeted with a formal bow and or hand shake.

6. Students must keep finger nails clean and trimmed regularly. This is shared responsibility with the parents.

7. Students shall remove ALL jewelery before class begins.

8. No food or gum inside the dojo and no eating during water break. Students are encouraged to bring their own water bottles.

9. Students should use the toilet before or after class.

10. Students with long hair must tie it back.

11. Younger students are not allowed to touch each other. e.g.; hitting, pushing, lifting, grabbing. Unless given permission by the instructor.

12. Keep the training area clear of water bottles and personal gear bags.

Academy Etiquette

In order to teach the class properly, those parents who wish to observe the class must abide by the following rules. These rules are a direct result of our teaching experiences. Your consideration will ensure a distraction-free learning environment for all.

1. If you’re having difficulty dropping off your child, you may try waiting outside with them for up to 10 minutes. If they still refuse to participate after 10 minutes then you must take your child home and try again next time.

2. Parents are encouraged drop off their children to let the instructor have the kids full attention at least for the first 15 to 30 minutes of class, then come watch for the second half of the class.

3. Parents are asked not to use sign language or hand signals to their children during class. As this can be very distracting and confusing to them and others.

4. Please be very quiet and do not engage in loud conversation with other spectators, as some children are easily distracted.

5. Do not cheer your child during games or sparring. This could upset the other children that don’t have a cheering squad..

6. Do not offer tips or pointers to your child. This is the job of the Instructors.

7. Do not drop of a student’s friend to wait for them to finish class. Friends of students (no matter what age) are not the responsibility of the Instructor.

8. Any friends of the students that wish to “Try out a class” must have their parents’ permission and a signed waiver. Also, to have had their parent speak with the instructor in person or by phone.

9. Do not bring or drop off students siblings to practice. Unless they are a member of the club.

10. If your child is being reprimanded, do not interfere or feel offended or embarrassed.

11. If your child should get hurt or injured in a minor OR major way, Please allow the instructor to handle the situation. Your help may OR may not be required. All instructors hold first aid training, and will ask for your help if needed.

12. Do your best to be punctual and we will do the same.

13. Please let us know if your child is to be picked up by someone else, and who they are.

14. Cell phones off please.